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Embracing Creativity and Friendship: My MIT ID Induction Camp Experience


I'm Rujuta Katti, a designer from Mumbai, India, and I'm super excited to share a recent adventure that totally rocked my world. Just a little while back, I got to be a part of the MIT Institute of Design cohort 5 Induction Camp, and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing.

Picture this: Two days of pure awesomeness at this beautiful place called River Paradise resort in Bhor. And guess what? It wasn't just a fun getaway. This camp was all about getting us, the newbies, to know each other better and start our journey at MIT ID on a high note.

Now, let's talk about the people – the stars of the show. We had students from all walks of life, and I was really pumped to meet them all. From the moment we got there, it felt like a wave of calm and happiness hit us. As we did activities together and worked in teams, I could see everyone getting more comfortable and open. It was like a magical icebreaker, and I loved it.

Speaking of activities, they were a blast! Each one showed us a new side of our friends-to-be, and we got to show off our own quirks too. And you know what made it even better? Prof. Harshit Desai, Prof. Prasad Khose, and their crew were right there with us, cheering us on and making everything exciting. Their energy was infectious, and they pushed us to step out of our comfort zones.

But it wasn't all fun and games. After each activity, we'd sit down and think about what we learned. It was like a sneak peek into the real world, where these activities had a lot in common with work situations. This part was eye-opening, giving us skills that we can totally use later in our careers. Plus, it got us thinking in new and creative ways, which was awesome.

Let's talk about the transformation that happened. Slowly, those people we didn't know at the start became buddies we can't wait to hang out with. From sharing stories to helping each other out, we built connections that I'm pretty sure will stick around for a long time. It was like we went from being strangers to real pals, and I'm hoping these friendships last a lifetime.

For me, this camp was a game-changer. It gave me the courage to face tough times head-on and not give up. I learned how to handle challenges without stressing too much.

As I wrap this up, I can't help but smile at the incredible journey that was the MIT ID Induction Camp. It was a mix of fun, learning, and making memories that will stick with me forever. A big shout-out to MIT ID for making this happen and giving us such an unforgettable experience.

Here's to taking on challenges and making friends along the way! 🚀


Rujuta Katti

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