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Hey Imaginators!
This is Rujuta Katti, Designer + Dreamer.
I am an Interior Designer by Profession and 3D Visualizer by Passion. I am trendsetter with super-eminent colour ideologies. Offering Creative visualisation in upbringing resourceful ideas in creating a design.
I use SketchUp for 3D Modelling and V-Ray from Chaos Group for photo-realistic rendering

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My Story

I am Rujuta Katti. I am an Interior Designer by education and 3d Visualiser by passion. 
I was introduced to Interior Design by a free web-based 3d Visualiser software provided by Autodesk, and I pretty much spent all of my free time creating various kinds of houses, rooms etc. on that. That gave me an idea to pursue Interior Design. While studying Interior Design, I got introduced to AutoCAD and mainly my two greatest best friends, SketchUp and V-Ray. I enjoyed and loved creating 3d models on them so much that when lockdown hit I started freelancing in the same. Till now I have close to 2 years of experience in freelancing, but my love for SketchUp and V-Ray started back in 2017! 
After 2 years I am still finding it difficult to understand why Interior Designers don't pay attention to ArchViz? I mean isn't it a great way to bridge the gap between a designer and their client? The designer's technical language isn't always understood by the client and client's over-the-top expectations from the designer after viewing Pinterest and many other websites isn't always understood by the designer. This ArchViz is a great tool to mend this gap to bring them together and work in harmony towards a collective goal. 
I really believe that if given a chance this ArchViz industry will scale new heights! 
I have worked on many Interior Design 3d projects and some Theatre 3d Visualisation projects as well. I have really loved and enjoyed every second of it.
I hope I get to work on many more fascinating and challenging projects in near future.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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